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Bicycle Blues and BBQ

The day dawned bright and clear - a perfect setting for the time trials at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.  One of the bad parts of being a junior - your time trials are first on the schedule.  It gives you time to get ready for the crit race, which is also the first of the schedule.  We posted some good times on the time trials - Way to go to everyone who raced!

Many of the juniors raced additional category races.  We finished well against the adults.  Thanks to the adults who helped Nathan draft during the Men's Cat 5 race.

Sunday was hot and clear - the exact opposite of last year when the road races were cancelled due to rain and lightening. The juniors were bussed to Thornton and got to ride back to Clear Lake.  All the juniors made it with only a few setbacks.

The Men's Cat 5 road race had a big hiccup at the end when several racers crashed but all the CJC riders were able to finish the race on their bikes.

We have two of the Flyover series leaders on our team - Shay Wright and Scott Ferguson.  At the end of the day, Lilly Ferguson also had a leader's jersey.

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