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History and Vision Of Central Junior Cycling

While riding back in 2007, Dale Hurt and Monte Brent came up with the idea of a junior cycling program. They had a vision for a program that would offer opportunities for youth of all ages and experience levels. Between the two of them, Dale and Monte have over 45 years of riding experience. Monte has his United States Cycling Level 3 Coaching certification.


After putting the idea of a youth cycling team out to the community again and again, it finally came to fruition in 2015 with the help of a private donor and interest from youth in the area.


CJC is excited about the progress we have made in lying the foundation for, what we believe is, a springboard for getting more youth involved in the sport of cycling. Our goal is to continue to develop a program that will help teach respect, determination, self confidence, commitment, and a sense of accomplishment. While keeping our youth active and outdoors. And most importantly, we want everyone involved to have FUN!!!


Members and CJC sponsors have been critical in making this program work. Members have helped to build trails. They have also gone to schools to promote cycling and safe riding. 


CJC continues to make modifications and changes to our program as needed. Our vision is to take Central Junior Cycling beyond the community of LeMars, Plymouth County Cyclists, Bike Central, and make it a Northwest Iowa program. Eventually, having it recognized by schools in the state as an extracurricular sport.

Goals for Central Junior Cycling
1. HAVE FUN!!!
2. Increase participation in events.
3. Be safe
  •  Practice safe riding
  •  Proper riding etiquette
4. Gain experience
  • Bike handling
  • Team setting
  • Bike maintenance
  • Training with heart rate
5. Set individual goals
6. Train with purpose
7. Build character

Our belief is that without goals, you are wandering aimlessly. We encouage each team member to list their goals for the upcoming year. For example: Show up for Tuesday evening rides. Show up for CJC training rides, or by wearing your helmet every time you get on a bicycle. The goals could be loftier. For example: Training to participate in a race or setting your goals on a podium finish. Make a goal sheet and give it to us. We will help guide you to obtain those goals.

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