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Mentors for Central Junior Cycling

There are many people who help the CJC team.  Without these people, the team would not be as strong as it is.  Here is a small list of what they do for the team.

     Fix bikes

     Drive to races

     Drive support vehicles

     Make sure water bottles are full

     Pin numbers on


     Pick riders up when they fall (physically, mentally, and spiritually)

     Help at the start line

     Cheer at the finish line

     Put up tents so there is shade

     Provide food and supplies

     Help improve biking and racing skills

     Teach how to be a team player

     Ride with the less experienced riders during races

People who make it happen
Brian Olsen
Claire Olsen
Scott Feuerhelm
Jill Feuerhelm
Monte Brent
Cory Cunard
Dale Hurt
Andre Skov
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