Swanson Shootout was the first full team race of the 2017 season for CJC.  Leaving LeMars at 6am (we actually got out on schedule!), we drove to Bellevue, NE, as a caravan.  The bus with the trailer attached, Zollmans, and Olsen's with their trailer.  We had a little bit of a mechanical with the bus around Missouri Valley, but it was a quick fix and we got back on the road. We performed superbly at the event, with participants in all the Junior race divisions, the 4 hour marathon race, and the Men's Cat 2 race.  Good performances all around!

Women's Jr 10-12: Jennie Ferguson and Autumn Olsen

Women's Jr 13-15: Lilly Ferguson and Mya Schroeder

Women's Jr 16-18: Willow Olsen

Men's Jr 10-12: Taylor Roberts

Men's Jr 13-15: Levi Brent and Nathan Zollman

Men's Jr 16-18: Scott Ferguson

Marathon race: Dakota Olsen

Men's Cat 2: Brian Olsen

Thanks to the support team: Monte, Theresa, Ayden, Sheila, Scott and Claire (and Kona!)

Swanson Shootout

Bellevue, NE - April 9, 2017