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Dirty Dog

Dirty Dog race - A hybrid cyclocross race.

Everyone had the exact same bike.  There were teams of 3 or 4 people, all swapping out bikes with each other whenever they needed to.The judges counted how many laps each team made total.  

Central Junior Cycling had three teams racing. Team 1: Monte Brent, Cory Cunard, Lonnie Bohlke, and Jackson Sunde. Team 2: Ayden Brent, Lilly Ferguson, Scott Ferguson, Levi Brent. Team 3: Luke Skov, Luke Feuerhelm, Dakota Olsen (Luke Skov got hurt midway through the race by running into another bike team.  He took a break and Dakota and Luke F had to pick up the slack.)

CJC Team #1 won the race.  Jackson was their anchor, and due to the wonderful team work and awesome skills, he was able to run his bike across the finish line.  Their prize - awesome purple hats!  CJC team #3 came in third place and team #2 came in fourth place.

We took the team bus to the race in Vermillion.  Some of the members brought their softball and baseball equipment, and so an impromptu ball game was started before the racing started.

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