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Platte River battle royal

Louisville ne - may 6, 2017

The race was originally scheduled for a week earlier than it was actually held.  But due to "untimely rain," the event was postponed until today.  For the majority of the team, this means it conflicted with the LaCrosse Ominum event in Wisconsin.  And only Levi Brent and Willow Olsen were able to go mountain bike racing this weekend.

The race started at 9am with a LeMans style start, the racers running to their bikes, mounting, and then getting on the track.  Levi did well and got moving quickly.  Willow had mounting issues and then was held up by slower racers on the single track at the beginning of the course.  Levi improved his position over the 5 mile race and was the first racer across the finish line, thereby winning his age division as well.  Willow finished first in her age division, too.  

Man, did Levi and Willow look good in the new kits!

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