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MN Memorial Classic

Memorial Day weekend!

The older juniors raced early Saturday morning.  When we got to the race site, it was overcast and they ended up doing the circuit race in a downpour.  It finally stopped raining when we lined up for the time trials.  The time trial was one lap of the earlier circuit race.  The juniors who already had rode the course were fine, but one of the younger racers missed a turn.  Several other juniors followed him and so they didn't have good times.

The majority of the team stayed at Monte's aunt's house.  They were very good hosts - there were water games to play outside and more games to play inside.  They bought pizza for us on Saturday night and allowed us to use their kitchen for a spaghetti feed on Sunday.  Thanks Shari and Trent Bonstetter!

The road race was on Sunday.  The majority of juniors were driven to the start of their race at the church.  The older juniors started downtown with the adults.  After the race was over, there was a nice park where everyone hung out. When we were done, we went to a laser tag arena .  There were 18 teenagers and younger trying to shoot each other for 45 minutes.  The adults got the last 15 minute session of the night.

The crit race was on Monday.  It was Willow's birthday and we all sang happy birthday to her as she rode by.   She was not amused.

This was the first race that the Flyover leaders wore their jerseys for.  Man, did our team look sweet!

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