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Lilly F

Racing since 2014

Favorite Racing Memory: Biking around the Biltmore at Asheville, NC

Race experience:

Frosty Cross (2014, 2015, 2016)

Tour Sioux Falls Downtown Crit (2015)

Metal Cross (2015)

Cunningham Cross (2015)

Yankton Trail Crit (2015)

Sherman Park (2015)

Bicycle Blues & BBQ (2015, 2016)

Dirty Wooden Shoe (2015, 2016)

Jingle Cross (2015, 2016)

NE State Cyclocross Championships (2015, 2016)

IA State Cyclocross Championships (2015, 2016)

Dirty Dog Ride (2016)

Swanson Shootout (2016)

NE Omnium Weekend (2016)

MN Memorial Classic (2016)

Tour of KS City (2016)

Hillinois (2016)

North Star Bicycle Festival Crit (2016)

Road Race National Championship (2016)

Midwest Mountain Bike Regional Championship (2016)

Trek Cup (2016)
CO State Cyclocross Championships (2016)

IL State Cyclocross Championships (2016)

Cyclocross Nationals (2016, 2017)

Tour of St Louis (2017)

Lilly started racing at the home field in 2014 at Frosty Cross.  You might think that having your dad as your coach may be difficult at times, but Monte and Lilly see it as a blessing.  Monte is available to help Lilly perfect her skills at all time.  Having been to state and national championships, Lilly's appetite for winning has been whetted.

Watch out world - Here comes Lilly!

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