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A historic neighborhood was the setting for the time trial (King of the Mountain!) and the road race. The course ended at the top of a very steep hill.  Between races, the kids found a nearby playground to keep them occupied.

The crit was held in historic downtown.  There were paintings on the walls of the buildings.  KS City has bikes available for rent to ride around on and many of the team members hung out on them while locked up, practicing their pedaling skills.  Jackson Sunde raced the junior race to help Luke Skov win the race.  Good teamwork, boys!

We stayed in the dorms of Park University.  After a hard day of biking, many junior racers hung out in the game room watching TV and playing ping pong.  We tried to have lasagna for dinner on Staurday, made in a roaster while we were at the races.  The edges were burnt and the center was cold.  We ordered pizza.

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