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When we arrived at the campsite in Galena, IL, we were just ahead of a thunderstorm.  It was midnight and we decided to sleep in the van and the bus instead of trying to quickly put up tents in the dark. Neither vehicle was meant to sleep that many people comfortably.  Thanks to Jennifer Bockelmann and Teresa and Monte Brent for geting those tents up as soon as possible.

Saturday started out with time trials EARLY.  Everything was going well until they informed us the juniors had to do roll out before the race.  Everyone was scrambling to get bikes inspected and legal before they had to go off.  Several people crashed at the turn around because of loose sand, including one hospital visit (Thanks to Boyd Burnham for use of his vehicle).  It was getting hot as the morning went on, and there was local family selling ice pops, which were enjoyed by the whole team.  

It was hot for the circuit race that afternoon.You could feel the heat coming off the road under you and from the lead cars in front of our behind you.  Several of riders earned the Hillinois leader jerseys - Way to go!  We drove around historic Galena on our trips between the races and our campsite, including past President Grant's house.  That town has some steep hills!

Hills in Illinois are much different than those around LeMars.  There are steep ups and downs instead of gentle rollers like we're used to.  We got to experience them on Sunday's road race.  The younger juniors started the race at a winery half way through the full course.  The younger girls are getting prepared to start racing full courses - Autumn Olsen started her first road race and Brianna Bockelmann was able to finish the course.

Several juniors from other teams met us at Happy Joe's Pizza for dinner Saturday night.  I don't know how many pitchers of water we drank after being in the sun all day.  Regardless of the number of pizzas consumed, it was a good time that cemented many friendships that start on the race course.

Hillinois: A Bike Race

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