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There were several cars of CJC bikers  heading to Clear Lake for the weekend.  We all met up at the NIACC dorms where we were staying.  After getting everything unloaded, we all headed to bed.

Saturday morning was a bright day - perfect for the time trial.  The kids lined up and took off, one at a time.  They all finished the time trial with no incidents.  As a team, we biked to downtown Clear Lake for the crit race where some of our adults already had the tent set up.  The adults on the team got the opportunity to volunteer during the non-junior crit races.

Luke Feuerhelm won his race with Dakota Olsen keeping the competition away.  Great teamwork, boys!

After racing, many of the racers went swimming in the lake under the watchful eye of Jill Feuerhelm and others.  Thanks for driving the kids to get their suits from the dorms, Jill!

There was a complimentary lunch for junior racers and we ordered a lot of pizza for dinner.  We also frequented Cabin Coffee throughout the weekend for caffeine supplies.

Storms moved in Sunday morning.  First races were delayed and ultimately cancelled due to lightning.  

Podiums for the weekend were held under a tent in the park.  Several CJC riders got medals even with just two races that weekend.  The winners for the Midwest Flyover series were announced also, and CJC was well represented.  

Thanks to American Bank for the hats to wear during podiums.  It is thanks to sponsors like them who help make this team possible.

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