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Avery G

Team member since 2016

Racing experience:

Tour Sioux Falls Downtown (2015)

Canton Cycling Classic (2015)

Sherman Park (2015)

Cunningham Cyclocross (2015)

Green Acres (2015)

NE Omnium Weekend (2015, 2016)

Tour of KS City (2015, 2016)

Bicycle Blues & BBQ (2015, 2016)

Spring Fling Crit series (2016)

LaCrosse Omniujm (2016)

MN Memorial Classic (2016)

Hillinois (2016)

Cannonball Cross (2016)

Avery Goebel comes from good racing stock.  Her mom has been racing since 2012 and Avery has been going to races for many years.  She understands the ins and outs of the racing world.  Avery started out her career on the Two Wheeler Dealer team out of Sioux Falls. She was excited to get involved with CJC because she had other juniors to practice with. Avery is the first transplant from another team to CJC Devo, but hopefully won't be the last.  We are glad she made the switch.

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