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Abby F

Racing since 2015

Favorite Racing Memory: Racing the Grinch


Racing experience:

Summer Cross (2015)

Elmwood Forest (2015)

Spooky Cross (2015)

Jingle Cross - Race the Grinch (2015)

Frosty Cross (2016)

Jingle Cross - (2016)

LaCrosse Omnium (2016)

Bicycle Blues & BBQ (2016)

Abby started riding as a junior in 2016 at the La Crosse Omnium road race.  She may have finished towards the back part of the pack, but her goal for 2016 was to complete a junior race.  And she did that.  She raced a time trial and a crit later in the season.  Her gung-ho attitude is inspiring to all the members of the team.

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