Martin Marietta Crushed Rock Classic, Ames IA, 3/25/17

Tour of St Louis, St Louis MO, 3/18-3/19/17

Joe Martin Stage Race, Fayetteville AR, 4/1-4/2/17

Chris Lillig Memorial Cup, Iowa City IA, 4/29-4/30/17

LaCrosse Omnium, LaCrosse WI, 5/5-5/7/17

Bryan Health State Championship Road Race, South Bend NE, 5/20/2017

Snake Alley Crit, Burlington IA, 5/27/17

Melon City Crit, Muscatine IA, 5/28/17

Quad Cities Crit, Davenport IA, 5/29/17

Ames Grand Prix, Ames IA, 6/10-6/11/17

Downtown West Bend Concourse, West Bend WI, 6/19/17

Schlitz Park Crit, Milwaukee WI, 6/20/17

Race the Harbor Crit, Port Washington WI, 6/21/17

Cafe Centraal Bay View Classic, Milwaukee WI, 6/23/17

ISCorp Downer Classic, Milwaukee WI, 6/24/17

Tour of KS City, KS City MO, 6/24-6/25/17


Swanson Shootout, Bellevue NE, 4/9/17

Platte River Battle Royale, Louisville NE, 5/6/17

Tranquility Trail Tantrum, Omaha NE, 6/10/17


Cyclocross National Championships, Hartford CT, 1/2-1/8/17

IA State Cyclocross Championships, Altoona IA, 11/25/17

Central Junior Cycling



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