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CJC is a non-profit, community based, youth bicycling organization.

Making new friends where ever we go

7/8/19 - We haven't gone on many trips many trips as a team yet this year.  This past weekend, the Olsens and Weilands went to the Tour of Lawrence in Kansas.  Down there, they met the other teams that were racing.  Autumn hung around with the Liliana Navarro.  Dakota got to know Asa Black and Brock Sell, who remembered him from last years Spooky Cross.  Caleb - who did you hang out with?

Shay was in Fort Dodge at the Rock'n'Rail Crit.  Unfortunately his race didn't turn out well.  But knowing him and his head mechanic, they had fun watching the other races and talking with the other racers. 

June 12-14 is Clear Lake's Bicycle Blues & BBQ event.  There will lots of old friends to catch up (Spin Devo, Harvest, and others) and new friends to meet.   Good luck if you are racing at Clear Lake! 

Pictures from Cannonball Cross, 2018

Dakota Olsen, Dani Hurt, Lilly Ferguson, Nathan Zollman, Caleb Weiland, Brock Hessenius


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